stappenBFNFBurn Fat Not Fuel in less than 100 words

The ‘Burn Fat Not Fuel’ hardware and software connects (e-)bikes to a smartphone app and makes people aware of the impact of their everyday mobility on the environment, personal health and budget.

Burn Fat Not Fuel rewards behavioral change regarding mobility by providing a financial incentive and by giving feedback on health improvement, cost reduction and sustainability. Most short commuting distances (5-15 km) are now made ​​with fuel cars, while the electric bike is an excellent alternative. Up to 8x cheaper, 72 x more efficient and infinitely healthier.


The Burn Fat Not Fuel proposition

The Burn Fat Not Fuel APP (3) can be downloaded for free to monitor personal mobility, promote the use of (electric) bikes instead of fuel cars and provide feedback to the user regarding sustainability, health improvement and cost savings.

The Burn Fat Not Fuel BOX (1) and portal (4) are developed primarily to facilitate employers who want to increase the sustainability of commuter mobility by encouraging the use of the bicycle.

Burn Fat Not Fuel is targeted at employers, because the impact a company has on the environment extends far beyond the direct actions that the company might take internally. Employees that commute to work are doing this in their ‘own time’ but obviously the company can have a great influence on commuting behavior by encouraging the bike and discouraging the car. Bicycle kilometers are registered with the Burn Fat Not Fuel GPS box, which is attached to each commuters bike. Upon arrival at work the route is sent automatically to the Internet using a radio signal (2).

The employer gets a lot of benefits, such as healthier employees with lower absenteeism, better accessibility of the company location, lower CO2 emissions, a better company image and savings on parking costs. The employer pays a fixed monthly fee for every participating employee and is provided with an overview of the cycled kilometers per employee in the Burn Fat Not Fuel backoffice.

The employees receive a kilometer incentive and get feedback through the Burn Fat Not Fuel app.


What makes Burn Fat Not Fuel special?

– Burn Fat Not Fuel addresses many of the mayor challenges our present society faces: Climate change caused by CO2 emissions, the dependency and depleting of fossil fuels, the accessibility and air quality of urban areas, and health problems such as obesity caused by too little human activity. 

– For participants the improvement of health is an unaffordable reward compared to the savings of fuel, but both reinforce each other.

– Burn Fat Not Fuel combines existing technologies in an unique way. It makes use of a smart sensor attached to an e-bike to measure activity and distances. Furthermore it uses a radio signal (868Mhz) to send this data to the backoffice. Feedback is given using a Android and iOS app or using any browser. The combination of this sensor, radio and app is unique.

– The smartphone is an excellent tool for encouraging behavioral change. Positive feedback from a mobile app stimulates participants to continue using the e-bike.

– Ease of use: Thanks to radio technology and Burn Fat Not Fuel box the participants don’t need to take any actions to log or send trips to the backoffice.

– Attractive Business Case for the employer: Burn Fat Not Fuel offers the employer many benefits.  Even when biking kilometers are rewarded with an incentive, it stills results in savings on mobility costs for the employer.

– Last but not least: In terms of CO2 reduction the replacement of the car by an e-bike results in a reduction of almost 99%.